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About Us

Our Brand Story

The journey started as a by-product of one of Divya’s idea to build something in the branding space. Finding the name for this by-product was one task in itself, and after hours of deliberation with our team, we came up with “Brandorate”.

Brandorate is built for empowering solopreneurs and startups to build a brand that speaks for itself. But, this was just the beginning, as we had never thought creating a logo for the brand will be a tedious task. We had to ensure our logo speaks for our brand beliefs: Vision, Determination, and Evolve.

“To empower any individual or business, it all starts with Building the brand through right Positioning and Marketing strategy.”

Divya Shah

Founder’s Journey

Books and Journals are my best friend because I find solace in them. But wait, I was not exactly a boring nerdy kid. I loved playing track and field games, exploring different cultures, and hence, since 4th grade, I have never missed a school trip. From North to South, I have explored cities and states, and each culture has never failed to mesmerise me.

I wanted to explore the world beyond India and hence wanted to pursue my under graduation in the UK because the London School of Economics (LSE) is a dream for every economics enthusiast. However, destiny had some other plans for me. I had to settle for the University of London’s campus in Delhi, India.

I remember disliking Delhi for the longest time. But, when I started exploring opportunities this city had for me, things were never the same. From attending conferences to meeting new people and building those long-lasting relationships, I started loving every ounce of the city. Today, I share a love-hate relationship (stole it from my friend XD) with this city.


During those three years in Delhi, I had a chance to visit the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as a part of the Bootcamp organised by the University of London. Those three days at BSE changed my dreams and goals 360 degrees. I never had a plan ready (ofc, now, I do) to fulfil the dream I envisioned standing in the middle of the launch room at BSE.

The journey started from BSE and went on a pause because life happened. However, it went uphill in June 2020. In June, I started my journey on LinkedIn and saw the potential it had to help me take the first step to fulfil my dreams.

From allowing me to monetise my writing skills to moulding my fortes into helping me become a brand strategist, I have come a long way. Now, I have a mentor who is the torchbearer of my life, guiding me on the right path.

Divya Shah