Build Your Brand Strategy In 4 Weeks

Build Your Brand Strategy In 4 Weeks

“Do your clients or customers perceive you differently from what you are?”

“Are you asked about your offering despite putting it out on the internet?”

If your answer to either or both questions is a yes, then you lack clarity, direction and/or focus. This training program is designed to help you gain that clarity, direction and focus.  

There is too much noise in the market, thus; to thrive in the industry you need to cut through that noise. This four-week training program helps you in finding a unique voice as a business or an individual. Your voice will help you thrive in the market.

Are you offering what everyone is offering, hence, struggling to find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Competing on prices will hurt you more than anyone else. USP is beyond pricing, and this four-week training program will help you find your USP.

Are your customers or clients confused about your offering? How about creating one package of your services and making more money? This brand strategy training program will help you create the package and position yourself as a person who knows his/her stuff.

“But, brand strategy is only for startups, SMBs and companies.” 

Well, what if I tell you, you’re wrong. Brand strategy is a necessity in today’s online world which is expected to only grow in the coming years. So, no matter if you’re a business or an individual. If you want to build your identity, you’ll have to shatter this mental barrier. 

How can you do it?

This brand strategy training program will help you smash the mental barrier with a weekly brand building exercise; to help you get clarity about your business or yourself. 

Read below about the training program. 

About Divya Shah

Divya Shah is a brand strategist; specialises in branding of startups and SMBs. She also helps businesses create branded content and build marketing strategy.

Through this training program, Divya, will help you build basic brand strategy for yourself.

How Will This Program Work?

Weekly emails each with a set agenda and template to guide you.

Weekly group meeting to answer all queries and peer learning.

Get coached directly from Brand Strategist - Divya Shah

Course Roadmap

Week 1: Roadmap to clarity

Week 2: Strategically building consumer persona

Week 3: Learn to sell strategically

Week 4: Wrap it up

Put your three weeks of hard work together and learn how to communicate with consistency.

Training Schedule

Week 1

Roadmap to Clarity

Audit your business and set goals for the next three weeks. 

Week 2

In-depth Consumer Persona

From learning to research about customers to executing it for your business. 

Week 3

Brand Positioning

Find your USP and position your business to stand out in the market.

Week 4

Wrap Up

Learn the art of consistent communication as you put collate three weeks of work.


Tejasvi Roy
Freelance Writer
I stumbled upon Divya's profile when we were looking for a brand strategist to help us bring our business idea to life. Divya helped us with developing our brand identity and giving a name to our business. Her expertise and professional approach eased our life as walked us through each step. She went beyond her scope of work and consulted us for our other business-related queries. Working with Divya has been our absolute pleasure. I would recommend her services to all the entrepreneurs looking to build a brand and not just a commodity.
Ram Vaggishetti
Founder (Stealth Mode)

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