Build Your Brand Strategy In 4 Weeks

How to Choose A Brand Name | 6 Step Guide

How To Choose Brand Name

There are approximately 200 million companies in the world today with so many brands, ranging from huge businesses like Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple; to one-person businesses. It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out. So how can you create a brand name for your company? Over 627,000 businesses open each year according to the Small […]

How To Write Brand Positioning Statement

Brand Positioning Statement

Too many businesses offering services or products similar to what you offer?  Have you been struggling to increase business revenue or find a place in your customers’ minds and hearts?  Then this is what is missing and needs to be fixed.  Your brand positioning.  Every business wants a better connection with the audience so that […]

10 Free(mium) Tools To Scale Your Business 10x.

Tools To Scale Your Business

Successful marketing is the key to establishing a strong brand in today’s competitive world.  Did you know that 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor in deciding what brands they like? You can’t build a brand for your business overnight. It is a multifold process. This is why branding should be addressed […]

3 Step Framework To Help You Find Your USP

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Are you planning to build a sustainable freelancing career and quit the rat race? But you’re charging peanuts, thinking you will eventually increase your price!!! Take a pause and think, will it work? If your answer is a big NO or you are confused, it is high time you start working on creating your brand.  […]

5 Tips To Grow LinkedIn Company Page 10x

Growth Hack LinkedIn Company Page

Busting the biggest myth about the LinkedIn Company page: “LinkedIn does not promote the company pages; hence, you cannot organically grow your company page on LinkedIn.” I believed the same until a few months ago before I had my new project to organically increase engagement on a company page.  Did I achieve the results my […]