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5 Tips To Grow LinkedIn Company Page 10x

Busting the biggest myth about the LinkedIn Company page: “LinkedIn does not promote the company pages; hence, you cannot organically grow your company page on LinkedIn.”

I believed the same until a few months ago before I had my new project to organically increase engagement on a company page. 

Did I achieve the results my client was expecting?

I saw the engagement and following growing on the company page by 600% in less than three weeks time. 

I used a magic spell made of an equal amount of content strategy and quality content. Yes, you read it right. That is all you need.

Did I achieve it in one go? 

The truth is, I was rigorously analysing other active profiles, and A/B testing my strategies.

But why should you build your LinkedIn Company Page?

There are three main reasons to get your company page active, today.

  1. Reach out to the relevant target audience.
  2. Improves brand credibility. You can find every good business trying to grow has an active LinkedIn Company Profile if their audience is an active user of LinkedIn.
  3. A good medium to reflect your company’s culture, and attract the best talent from the market. 

Follow these actionable tips for growth hacking your LinkedIn company page?

  1. Design your company page:
    • Complete all the basic details: logo (preferable square), customising URL, the about us section, cover banner, inviting employees, adding a custom button, and following three relevant community hashtags.
    • According to a survey, a company page with all the details filled received 30x more engagement as compared to an incomplete profile.
    • The profile should reflect your firm’s culture, and this will help you attract the best talent from the market.
  1. Employees engagement:
    • Notify your employees every time a new post goes live on the page. As a small company, you can ensure everyone is engaging with the post.
    • You need to ensure your employees are also building their personal brand on LinkedIn, or else this exercise will prove to be futile. 
  1. Varied Content:
    • Divide your content type into three major categories to serve various categories of the target audience.
      • Latest company updates
      • Moment Marketing (if applicable)
      • Share your employees’ achievements.

Though it is a company page, it is crucial to post content for your target audience segments. Your post can be divided into three major segments. 1. Latest updates about your company. 2. Participate in moment marketing. 3. Talk about your employees’ achievements.

Backlinking across social media platforms:

Repurpose your content on the company’s different accounts across various social media platforms. Backlink the content to your LinkedIn page, and it will boost the visitors.

Organic growth is not dead if you’re using the right strategy. However, the right strategy can be found by testing, because the growth strategy is not one fit for all.

What should the LinkedIn company’s overview section surely include? Firstly, avoid copy-pasting the about us section from your company’s website. This is a big NO!

1. An overview section of your LinkedIn company page should include 4–5 lines about what your company does, which is essentially a brief to give the visitor a glimpse of what your company is about.

2. The brief should be followed by what solutions you offer and which problems you address. This will help you reach out to your target audience, given the right keywords are being used, which will rank your company’s page higher.

3. Add your company’s website link at the end.

Btw, attracting visitors is not enough, if you cannot convert them into your customers.

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